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My name is Amanda Lynn, and I am the owner of Amanda Lynn Photography. I started this photography company because of my love for photography. I have been taking pictures since I was nine years old when I got my first camera. In high school, I was big into the arts and took classes in Graphic Design, which also focused a bit on photography. I got away from taking pictures when I went to College to become a graphic artist but decided that wasn't where my heart was.

I met my husband Joshua Lynn in 2001, and we got married in 2002; we also welcomed our first child in 2002. My passion for photography returned when my daughter was born. Like any mother, I was constantly taking pictures of my child, trying to capture every smile I could get, every step she would take, every messy face she had. Through the years, I was blessed with three more children which I tried to capture every moment for each of them. I have taken thousands of pictures over the years. The reason I decided to start up my own business was one of my closest friends was getting married. She had already hired a photographer for her wedding, but when she saw some of my pictures of my children on social media she asked if I would mind taking a few pictures for her wedding, of course, I said yes.

The day of the wedding I ended up taking 1500 pictures, and it was such a joy to capture the memories that will last a lifetime for someone other than myself. I was so excited to get home and edit the pictures. I was accustomed to editing pictures, but this would be different. I had never edited so many pictures at one time before this event. I like my pictures to be perfect; I ended up going through all her pictures three times before I was satisfied. Once she received her sneak peek album she called me and told me that I was a natural, and I needed to pursue photography as a career. I then thought about if for a good while, discussed some options with my husband and here we are today...Amanda Lynn Photography!!

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I am an all occasion photographer. I have experience with families, children, pets, babies, senior portraits, weddings, engagement, boudoir, parties, special events, outdoor settings and indoor settings. I have professional backdrops and lighting that I can transport to a client's home for an indoor session. I will travel to your location; travel fees may apply. I am honest, funny, passionate, a perfectionist, very confident and I love to have fun, which helps make all my sessions fun.

I take great pride in my work and pay close attention to details. I like to use lots of bright or bold colors to accent features of pictures. I try to bring out all the beauty in every picture. I am a hard worker; I will often spend more time during the editing of the images providing more than simple touchups, but I enjoy editing, and that shows in the final results. Give me the opportunity to provide you with pictures you will love and cherish forever and you will not be disappointed. My work showcases the quality and effort I put into every session, and that is a lifetime of memories that you will love!!!